What is Helmet Spray?

 Helmet spray deep cleanses the helmet from within and gets rid of the helmet-smell from your hair. It is anti-fungal and fights germs, keeping the helmet clean and fresh inside out. It is much recommended for people who travel through bike on a adaily basis


About Ustraa  Helmet Spray

Ustraa Helmet Spray keeps the helmet clean and fresh smelling and takes care of the sweaty helmet's bad smell. With its bacteriostatic ingredients this is a recommended bike accessory that all bikers must have, since bacteria on helmet can spread on your hair.If your helmet is clean, chances are your hair will be thanking you.

Because Clean Helmet = Clean Hair

Quick Drying

Alchohol dries up quickly and gets your helmet ready to wear in no time


Germ Free

Clean looking and actually clean are two different things, the former can be done with water and cloth but this spray means business.


Non Staining

Will not leave stains on the helmet lining.