Since we have grown up in the indie-modern culture wherein we have the experience from the roots of our culture and upcoming generations with modernizing techniques, we get "the best of both worlds" or better "the best of both times"

Not only logical explanations about the benefits of homegrown ingredients which represents modernization but also faith & beliefs from urban legends. 

The Best example for this is "the Haldi ki Rasam" which is a part of the Indian Wedding tradition; the idea behind using Haldi (Turmeric) to enhance the glow is a traditional belief as well as a logical usage to get luster by its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory component.


Here are 5 of the best tried & tested homemade remedies for skin:


1. Tomato for Tan Removal: 

If you ever visit Rajasthan - the "Land of Kings" & the home to the "Great Indian desert", You would experience that between camel rides & desert safaris, you also get the Great Indian Sun-tan as well. Anyway, to get rid of this horrible tan within 3 days you need to go through flat- rubbing tomatoes over your face. No jokes, you will see the difference instantly! Also to make it easy you can use USTRAA De-Tan Face Scrub.



2. Haldiwala Pack or TGP (Turmeric Glow Pack): 

According to Nani ke Nuskhe 101 - Mix Besan(Gram Flour) + Dahi(Curd) + Lemon Juice + Haldi(Turmeric) together to form a thick mixture. Once this thick paste is on you, It really does moisturize your skin and adds an instant glow when you rinse it off. Or else you can just buy the BEARDO Turmeric Clay Mask.

3. Nescafe Coffee Powder + Sugar + Essential Oil:

Essential Oil is one of the things I swear by. I have all the Essential oils from Milagro enriched with 24k Gold that I am applying on my face everyday at night- not only to remove my impurities but as a substitute for night cream. 

I also use it in a scrub & here's how: Mix it with some Sugar and Nescafe Coffee Powder and the result is a pretty awesome homemade scrub-i find that it gives the perfect amount of abrasiveness!



4. Baking Soda for Acne : 

Mixing Baking Soda with water, and applying it to affected areas has done WONDERS for me and my mother. I dont break out too much, but she does and using this on the breakouts have flattened them and made them disappear within 2 days!!


"I hope you love these homemade skincare remedies and come back for more…."